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Q. What is the difference between all the wood flooring options?

A.  Our flooring consultants can explain the differences and help you make the right choice.

Q. Can I take the floor samples home?

A. Yes, you may take samples home for 3 days.

Q.  How many samples can you bring to our home?

A.  We can bring quite a few, but you will find the best selection in our showroom.

Q.  Can you give us a free price quote for different types of wood?

A.  Yes, after you make a selection, we can give you a price quote that includes installation.​

Q.  Is Blue Mountain Flooring a locally owned?

A.  We are locally owned and operated and that helps us give you better service.

Q.  Do you carry flooring products made in USA?

A.  Yes! most all of our products are made in USA.

Q.  Do you carry "Green" flooring products?

A.  Yes! We carry many products which are considered "Green" products.

Q.  Are you a member of National Wood Flooring association?

A.  Yes! we are a member of NWFA


Q.  Do you put in tiled showers?

A.  Yes! we do many bath remodels and install tile showers.


Q.  Do you stain concrete floors?

A.  No, at this time we do not offer concrete staining.


Q.  Do you install all your own products?

A.  Yes! we have great installers that do a professional job at installing all our products.


Q.  Do the luxury vinyl products need underlayment?

A.  No, the LVP and LVT do not need any underlayment.


Q.  Does engineered wood need to be nailed down?

A.  One advantaged of engineered wood is that it can be nailed, glued or floated.


Q.  What preparations should I make for the installation?

A.   We have compiled a handy list of preparations for our customers. Please click here

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