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Bamboo is technically a grass, not a tree, that grow underground and send shoots and leaves above ground. Once the young bamboo is planted, it takes anywhere from four to 10 years for the usable wood to mature. After that, the plant can grow new shoots each year. And the shoots grow quickly: as much as a foot per day!  Bamboo plants can be harvested on a regular basis without killing the plant, unlike trees used in hardwood floors, which die when harvested and can take decades or longer to mature. And beyond that, high-quality bamboo is stronger than regular hardwood floors, partly due to the fact that it's a grass that bends in the wind. Because of its flexibility, high-quality bamboo is as durable as most types of hardwood.


Wood is one of the best earth-friendly and renewable materials you can choose. Not only are fewer raw materials used in creating them, but they also require less energy and natural resources. Oak floors are considered to be one of the most sustainable because U.S. forest management and protection programs make sure these trees are regularly replanted in forests. Plus, oak has a smaller carbon footprint and releases fewer toxic emissions during the manufacturing process than other options. Blue Mountain Flooring in Hendersonville is proud to represent wood flooring products from companies that plant two trees for every tree they cut!


Cork has excellent thermal and acoustical qualities. It's beautiful, lightweight, warm to the touch, hypoallergenic, fire and insect-resistant, stable and can be refinished just like hardwood.  Made from all natural and renewable ingredients, cork floors are highly versatile, beautiful and sustainable.  The number #1 reason people like cork flooring is because it feels soft but firm to the feet, and is very quiet.


Wool carpet is the premium fiber choice for your home. The wool fiber production process consists of The Natural Elements…Sun, Rain, Grass and Sheep. No artificial ingredients needed, no artificial ingredients added. Environmentally sound, wool is produced from a totally renewable resource – grass – that is shorn from Sheep every 9 – 12 months.

Ask about our free measurement service!

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Blue Mountain Flooring has some of the best flooring installation professionals in the Carolinas. 
Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, which is why we hire and train people to do the installation. 
This allows us to help every step of the way:


- Selecting the right flooring material for your need and budget

- Helping you to choose from a wide selection of colors and patterns

 - Proper installation so you will enjoy your new floor for years to come

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