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Advantages of Kiln-Dried Hardwood

One of the many reasons we like Somerset Hardwood Flooring is because the wood is kiln-dried. Kiln drying can be thought of as controlled air drying. Modern dry kilns allow tight control of air flow, temperature and humidity so that all the timber dries uniformly and to the precise moisture content required. Kiln-dried timber can be machined to a superior finish than air-dried timber and therefore problems such as raised grain are virtually eliminated.  Kiln dried timber is ready for finishing immediately with a paint or stain which means that the wood can be protected without delay. There are still a number of traditional timber suppliers that successfully air dry certain species, but it can take many years air dry oak and elm properly. All lumber is graded before and after kiln-drying by graders that are NHLA Certified. Stop by the Blue Mountain Flooring showroom to see a wide selection of Somerset Hardwood Floors!

Kiln-Dried Wood
Kiln-Dried Wood

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